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The Data Behind Our Products
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WxEngine (Weather Engine) - Grid-based Global Weather System

Weather Information Worldwide: The Data Behind Our Products

WxEngine™ (Weather Engine) is a powerful product that provides historic, current, and forecast weather and climate information at precise locations throughout the world. The grid-based data uses meteorological reports across the world and integrates them with sophisticated computer models to generate information in areas devoid of weather stations. The global data are then fed into ZedX's weather-specific models.

How it Works

WxEngine™ utilizes both historical (past 30 years) and real-time temperature and precipitation data from international data feeds, NOAA, NCEP, NWS, and NASA. The system is continuously updated by existing weather stations and remote-sensing satellite and radar information to provide an up-to-date gridded global weather database.

ZedX is on the cutting edge in information technology and is constantly working to improve their algorithms. With 5km resolution United States real-time meso-scale analysis, 10km North American, and approximately 35km global, WxEngine™ provides detailed weather information worldwide.


Innovative Technology

Based on worldwide meteorological data sets and innovative models, WxEngine™ allows users to define areas of interest at multiple scales, obtain critical meteorological information, and apply it in many different ways. From predicting and responding to natural disasters, to energy and agricultural planning and economic forecasting, WxEngine™ is a user-friendly, value-added tool.

Users may indicate a region anywhere in the world to obtain meteorological information. To the left is a graph of accumulated precipitation for 1997 (blue), 2007 (red), and climatology (green) for the drawn region of South Africa. It is clear that 1997 was a considerably wet year compared to 2007. WxEngine's™ unambiguous user interface saves time and money while getting the information you need.





Configure Your Models

ZedX prides itself in providing user-specific information. WxEngine™ offers ready-made models to display the desired data. By setting specific thresholds and rules, the user can apply their own models. With quality world-wide data, an easy to use interface, and a choice of models, WxEngine™ provides a time saving solution to your meteorological data needs.

To learn more about WxEngine™, please contact us.

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