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WxEngine (Weather Engine) - Grid-based Global Weather System


The WXDrift™ service allows an applicator to determine hourly “spray” versus “no-spray” windows during the next three days based on local, weather conditions. An applicator chooses a field and selects application height and spray duration. An atmospheric trajectory model determines the wind speed and direction, which provides field-level guidance for the optimal time to spray. An applicator can be automatically notified of the best time for a future application by specifying the desired weather conditions for applied materials and desired period for being in the field. The WXDrift™ service comes with 3rd party, geospatial data layers that identify “no-spray” locations (beehives, organic crops, etc.) surrounding a field targeted for an application.


  • WXDrift™ is designed for both ground and aerial applicators.
  • WXDrift™ provides optimal timing for spray applications, minimizing loss of crop protectants from a field.
  • WXDrift™ flags potential pesticide exposures to neighboring fields, people, pollinators, and wildlife, thus mitigating risk from spray drift.
  • WXDrift™ provides an operational efficiency for private and commercial applicators planning workflow and equipment positioning.
  • WXDrift™ overlays background maps of hourly weather variables.
  • WXDrift™ output can be integrated with crop planning and pest scouting programs, and other precision ag map products, such as variable rate applications (VRAs).
  • WXDrift™ has a “Plan View” tool to automatically generate and deliver a “best time to spray” report without repeated logging into the website.
  • WXDrift™ has the ability to integrate ZedX pest and disease forecast models and pest data from mobile scouting devices.

To learn more about WXDrift™, please visit wxdrift.com.

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