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Site-specific Weather Products for Your Every Need
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SkyBit - Reliable Weather and Climate Information

Reliable Weather and Climate Information.

Since 1993, SkyBit has provided site-specific weather data to support the agricultural and energy communities in the private and public sectors. SkyBit's E-Weather Service™ delivers tabular and graphical information to users throughout the Eastern United States and Canada, including custom products to support a wide range of weather-dependent decisions.

SkyBit, Inc. specializes in the development of site-specific weather products for agriculture, energy, and other industries. SkyBit, through its E-Weather Service™ and research programs, can provide custom data sets for weather-dependent decisions.

In addition, many ZedX information products, such as integrated pest management models and analytical tools, make use of SkyBit weather data.

What is E-Weather?

E-Weather is an electronic weather service that delivers (with subscription) site-specific weather information via fax or e-mail on a daily basis.

The E-Weather Service™ offers a variety of products in an easy-to-read tabular or graphical form for the United States, northern Mexico, and southern Canada.

To learn more about SkyBit and the E-Weather service, visit www.skybit.com.

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