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Mogen & Vogen
Personalized Crop Growth, Disease & Pest Modeling
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Mogen & Vogen - Personalized Crop Growth, Disease & Pest Modeling

Personalized Crop Growth, Disease & Pest Modeling

MOGEN and VOGEN are site-specific decision-support tools designed to save time and money by modeling an array of crop pests and diseases affecting specific fields.


MOGEN (Map Output GENaration), also known as GUI Maps, places model outputs of various crop conditions including crop phenology, insects, diseases, and weed emergence in map format. Because the model results are for a large geographical area and not a field, assumptions are made when planting occurs based on weather conditions. Also, no adjustments are directly made within a growing season based on field observations.

MOGEN's products show expected conditions based on current weather conditions and observations, and forecast products are based on weather forecasts out to seven days.


MOGEN is used for regional scale planning. For example, the spread of an insect or a disease viewed on a regional basis can give companies time to place products into stores in a timely fashion. In addition, knowledge of harvest timing on a regional scale can be useful.


VOGEN (Variable Output GENeration) produces the same output as MOGEN except it is for site-specific locations. The user supplies information pertinent to the variable being calculated to help adjust the model.


VOGEN is used for field scale management and risk assessment. For example, if the VOGEN model indicates and increase pressure for a disease or insect the grower can apply treatments or increase scouting. This product helps reduce operational costs by providing information of when not to act and when actions are needed.

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