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Irrigation Scheduler
The Technology Choice of a National Champion
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Irrigation Scheduler - The Technology Choice of a National Champion!

Irrigation Scheduler

Irrigation Scheduler helps manage pivot irrigation systems and creates schedules based on field water loss and precipitation. The module fully integrates irrigation and crop models utilizing sophisticated climatology and site-specific weather forecasting.

These models are adjusted according to the irrigation practices as reported by the module user on a daily basis, thus integrating rainfall, evaporation, and contributions from prior irrigation events into the evolving picture of each field's water budget.

Product Features

AgFleet® Integration

Irrigation Scheduler is a cutting edge decision support tool for crop water management that complements the AgFleet® modular system and other precision agriculture products. Irrigation Scheduler is designed to operate as a stand-alone product tool or in conjunction with the AgFleet® system.

Producing Real Results

Irrigation Scheduler was used by the winner of the 2007 National Corn Yield Contest sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. The Virginia-based grower won in the "No-Till Irrigated" category, and had the highest yield in all categories with a remarkable 385 bushels per acre.

To learn more about how Irrigation Scheduler works, visit irrigation.zedxinc.com.

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