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AgScouter is a mobile tool designed to serve growers and crop consultants to record and manage a variety of infield farm observation data. It can be used by across the entire agriculture production chain to share data or to receive consultant recommendations. AgScouter is a must have tool for users to record and manage plant pests, diseases, and the entire suite of important field observations in a timely and efficient manner.

Product Features

Farm Manager

Farm Manager is designed to give users the ability to easily record all of their farm information. The user can add growers, farms, and fields as well as upload or draw boundaries. Farm Manager also gives the user the option to add field specific Management Units for cases where there are multiple crops per field.


Scouter is a calendar based mobile application that has intergated GIS mapping to easily allow for the recording and viewing of field observation data, such as insects, weeds, diseases, abiotic disorders and application recommendations. The user-friendly reports allow for items such as pest counts, observations, and recommendations to easily be recorded and utilized in field level reports. Scouter is data is fully integrated with the Farm Manager enabling users to manage data on a mobile platform and seamlessly share with a wide range of other precision agricultural tools.

To learn more about AgScouter, visit agscouter.com.

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