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ZedX, Inc. enhances their agricultural decision support tools with the release of Application Order Tracker (AOT).

BELLEFONTE, PA - March 31, 2008 - ZedX, Inc. would like to announce the release of a new decision support tool called "Application Order Tracker" or AOT. AOT is a standalone tool which can be configured with other third-party software. It was designed to meet the needs of the precision agricultural market place. In today's competitive agricultural environment, it is essential that farm activities are managed as efficiently as possible.

The web-based AOT tool will allow growers and other agricultural professionals to better manage their spraying and logistics operations as well as keep detailed records of their activities thereby reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. AOT will also facilitate and streamline communications between the grower, applicator, and agricultural service providers by allowing each party to plan their activities on the same platform using the same data in real time.

AOT will allow for the upload, editing, and saving of all field boundaries. Once boundaries are in the system orders can then be placed and fulfilled for either aerial or ground applications. Aerial applicators can utilize the GIS tools integrated in AOT to plan their daily flight activities while ground applicators can utilize the same GIS tools to develop a cost effective logistics plan. AOT can also be used in conjunction with AgFleet®. AgFleet® is an innovative suite of decision support modules developed by ZedX, Inc. to assist farming operations.

The AOT tool is competitively priced on a per acre basis for a calendar year. A two-tier pricing schedule allows customers to prepay in advance for a lower per acre fee.

About ZedX, Inc.

ZedX, Inc. is a leader in the development of information technology (IT) products, solutions and consulting services for the agricultural and sustainability sectors. Its recognitions of analytics excellence include weather data processing, climate analyses, ecological, entomological, and agronomic application models, and innovative geo-referenced, web-based tools that integrate data and model outputs into practical decision support solutions. ZedX's customer base includes growers, businesses of all sizes, public institutions, governments, and international agencies. The company embraces quality, two-way client support.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Antonucci
Customer Relations

Office: +1 (814) 357-8498
Fax: +1 (814) 357-8499
Email: information@zedxinc.com

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